UK adult stars stalker hell as creepy online bloke though they were married

One of Britain's top porn stars has opened up about the hell inflicted up on her by stalkers.

Jess West, 36, has been working in the adult industry for around 15 years and has carved a career for herself as one of the most well-known porn stars in the UK.

This has seen her pick up many top industry awards, and amass a huge army of fans – with 113,000 of those following her on Twitter.

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But her fame in the adult has led to her picking up a series of stalkers, including one who reckons he is married to the beauty.

Speaking exclusively to the Daily Star, she said: “This guy found me on social media, became a fan and then he just became really obsessive.

“I've never met him or anything like that, and I say hi to all my fans online.

“I might have done webcams with them and stuff like that, too.

“And then he basically, in his head, decided that he had got into a relationship with me, and anyone who tweeted me or anytime I worked with any guys he would ask them 'Why is my wife doing this to me?'

“He would claim that we had had a fight and that I would then go out and f*** some porn stars or get into bed with everyone."

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Jess, who is known to most of her fans for being a call girl on Babestation and Sexstation, lives with her partner and fellow adult star Demetri Simstud.

The couple also have three huge dogs for protection.

Jess, who initially muted the strange guy, continued: “Basically, I blocked him, but he made about three or four different accounts and just kept on going at anyone else I worked with.

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“And then my actual other half went out for dinner and I got him to take a picture of me on my own.

"I posted it to social media saying that we were out to dinner, and then this guy wrote to Demetri saying that he was going to 'break your nose' and that I was his wife.”

Things took an ever more sinister turn when the creepy stalker made false accusations about Jess.

He claimed that the “couple” were going through a “hard time” and that she was acting out because she “got abused” when she was younger”.

“This is not true, at all,” she said.

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The stalker carried on and claimed that he would break Jess's partner's nose if they met.

Another incident, which Jess isn't 100% sure was not linked to the first stalker, involved her mother, who does not approve of what she does for a living.

She recalled: “I had someone turn up at my mum's address once – but I don't think it was him.

“I have had someone posting my stuff, my real name on Twitter.

“And I'm not sure if he found out my mum's address that way, but he turned up and asked for me.

"He didn't do anything – he just stood there and said he was looking for me.

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“Thankfully, my mum said that she didn't know what he was talking about, and in reality I've never even lived at her house!”

Jess's issues with stalkers has had an impact on her everyday life.

When people recognise her, she always denies it's her for her own protection.

“Every time I go out I think something's going to happen,” she said. "Even if people recognise me, I deny it until the point where I really can't deny it any more.

“Sometimes I'll be out with Demetri and people will brush past him to get to me, which is disrespectful.

“It's not made me want to give up what I do, but it's made me only ever travel in my car – I don't take public transport at all.”

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