UK ‘busiest it’s been in months’ as punters dash home at 10pm clutching booze

A mad dash at 10pm made some areas of the UK the "busiest it's been in months" as punters headed home after the first day of the new coronavirus curfew.

Shocking footage shows dozens of Londoners making their way towards the tube station in Oxford Street to get back home as pubs and restaurants shut early.

In Preston and Leeds students were seen clutching boxes of booze to take home from a bar.

A Twitter user posted a video showing Brits all out at the same time, writing: "10pm curfew just meant everyone rolling out onto the streets and onto the tubes at the same time and it was the busiest I’ve seen central London in months."

This comes as Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced new rules in place from Thursday, forcing pubs, bars and restaurants to shut down at 10pm indefinitely.

The move saw Londoners scrambling to get home on tubes all at once, as some commuters have no choice but to travel on public transport.

On Wednesday, Brits hit the town for one last night of booze-fuelled mayhem before the 10pm curfew kicked in to battle a second wave of coronavirus.

As well as the curfew, the hospitality sector will be restricted by law to table service only.

Alarming figures show the rate of coronavirus in the UK is doubling every seven days – meaning there could be 50,000 new cases a day by October 13.

But even stricter new measures are looming on the horizon unless Britain gains the upper hand over the killer bug.

  • Boozy Brits enjoy 'last orders' in massive UK bender before 10pm curfew kicks in

Fears are growing that families could be forced apart at Christmas if the situation is not brought under control.

Pubs are also in the last chance saloon. If the 10pm curfew flops then the PM is expected to threaten landlords who break the new rules with closure.

The Prime Minister this week warned Brits to expect the restrictions to last at least six months, as the UK battles a second wave of the virus.

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