UK cold weather forecast: Britons braced for SUB-ZERO blast as icy Arctic chill strikes

UK weather: Quiet conditions with some rain and cloud

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According to the latest WX Charts, Scotland will be the first to experience bitterly cold weather as temperatures are expected to fall to zero degrees by October 15. The cold weather will only last a short time as temperatures will reach up to 10 degrees by October 19.

However, the warmer weather will only be short-lived across Scotland as temperatures will plummet once again.

By Saturday, October 23, temperatures will drop to -2 degrees, with Fort William and Inverness expected to take the brunt of the freezing weather.

This comes as freezing Arctic air moves south on the eastern flank of the Greenland high, according to

While Scotland will see the arrival of winter early, the rest of the country will see temperatures drop to just 2 degrees by October 15.

Northern Ireland and the North of England are expected to see colder weather while London and the south will see temperatures up to 16 degrees.

However, the colder weather will soon travel down the entire country bringing a cold breeze to the south and London by the morning of October 16.

Much like Scotland, temperatures in England, Wales and Northern Ireland will get warmer throughout next week.

However, many Britons will wake up to a cold, frosty morning on October 23 as temperatures are expected to drop to zero.

Based on WX Charts long-range forecast, temperatures will remain chilly as we move into November.

According to BBC Weather, the cold front is expected to impact Scotland northern England with “temperatures slightly below normal”.

Their long-range forecast predicted: “The first glimpses of a change in the pattern will begin over the weekend.

“Winds will become south-westerly by Saturday night into Sunday, allowing a return to mild conditions by the end of the weekend.”

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Towards the end of October, low-pressure centres will deliver spells of heavy rain and gusty winds to Scotland and Northern Ireland, the BBC predicted.

As November begins, the weather will remain wet for Scotland and Northern Ireland, while England and Wales will see more dryer weather.

The BBC forecast predicted: “There is potential for some snow impacting the Scottish Highlands but it is unlikely to reach beyond the highest parts during the first week of November.

“While there are no strong signals for extreme cold through early November, the analogue projections do hint at the potential for the pattern to change later in autumn.”

According to, as we move into November, temperatures are expected to be above the long-term normal overall.

But the country will see rainfall in central and western parts of Scotland and Northern Ireland.

This change in weather comes after this month could be the hottest ever October on record.

Jessica O’Reilly of Ladbrokes said: “The balmy temperatures and sunshine have seen the odds cut that this month is officially chalked up as a record-breaker.”

Coral’s Harry Aitkenhead added: “We better make the most of any balmy temperatures because the end of October looks set to be a big freeze, so much so that we make it odds on for snow to fall this month in the UK.

“We make it a 2-1 chance that this winter goes into the record books as the coldest the UK has ever had.”

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