UK cold weather: How to keep your home warm this weekend

Britons are expecting a washout this weekend as parts of the UK are forecast to be battered by heavy rainfall and potentially thunder and lightning. Several flood alerts have been issued for parts of the South East, with temperatures dropping to as low as 2C in some areas. has compiled a guide to help you keep your home warm this weekend.

The Met Office forecast for this weekend indicates much of England and Wales will see cloudy and cool weather, with showery outbreaks of rain.

These downpours will likely be heavy at first and should be patchy.

Any bright spells could likely trigger a heavy shower.

Northern areas will be fine with the best of the sunshine arriving in the west.

The sunny weather will continue on Sunday, but the odd shower could still occur in the southwest.


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The south of England is likely to see intense showers later on Saturday, which could bring thunder and lightning.

Forecasters predict up to 1.2 inches (30mm) of rainfall could hit some areas, prompting the Environment Agency to issue several flood alerts.

The Environment Agency has issued the following 15 flood alerts for Saturday where flooding is possible:

  • Groundwater flooding in Bishops Sutton
  • Groundwater flooding in Deane and Ashe in North Hampshire
  • Groundwater flooding in Hursley
  • Groundwater flooding in the Alton area
  • Groundwater flooding in the Candovers and Old Alresford
  • Groundwater flooding in the High Wycombe area
  • Groundwater flooding in the Lambourn Valley catchment
  • Groundwater flooding in the Salisbury Plain area
  • Groundwater flooding in the Upper Aldbourne Valley
  • Groundwater flooding in West Ilsley, East Ilsley, Compton, Chilton and West Hagbourne
  • River Coln and its tributaries
  • River Kennet and its tributaries from Berwick Bassett down to Newbury
  • River Lambourn and its tributaries from Upper Lambourn down to Newbury
  • River Pang from East Ilsley to Pangbourne and Sulham Brook
  • River Whitewater and River Hart.

The weekend is also predicted to bring more chilly weather, with some Britons set to wake up to frost.

Saturday will see temperatures struggle to reach 10C in much of the country.

However, there will be highs of 13C to 14C in the south and in the west of Scotland.

Giving the latest forecast, a Met Office spokesman said there will be a “significant north/south contrast in our weather” on Saturday.

The forecaster said: “A chilly start to Saturday with a touch of frost in places, otherwise a largely sunny day to come here north of around Cumbria.

“Further south a lot of low cloud, a gloomy day to come.

“Heavy rain early on generally petering out but remaining fairly chilly under that layer of cloud and in the easterly breeze further north

“In the far south temperatures will rise through the afternoon perhaps sparking a further heavy shower or two. But for most, it turns dry into Saturday night.”

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How to keep your home warm

Use timers on your central heating

Central heating can be expensive for many people, especially given many people’s income has been affected by the ongoing coronavirus crisis.

Move your sofa or armchair

Moving your favourite pieces of furniture near to radiators can feel warmer, but it is actually best to move furniture away from radiators to allow for the heat to circulate.

Use the sun

The sun is a free source of heat so it is best to open your curtains wide and allow the sun to warm rooms in your home.

When it gets dark, close your curtains because it adds another layer of insulation and helps to keep rooms warm.

Maximise your insulation

Around 25 percent of heat is lost through your roof, which can be drastically reduced by adding insulation throughout your loft.

This can lead to you saving around £160 a year in heating bills.

Wrap up warm

One of the easiest ways to keep warm without costing you any more money is to wear extra layers.

But this also works if you have a hot water tank.

Wrapping your hot water tank will keep the water warmer for longer and reduce your heating costs.

Block out any draughts

Draught-proofing your home is an easy way to help you save on your heating bills.

Fill the gaps around windows and doors with insulating tape to protect your home from chills.

Use rugs

Wooden floors are aesthetically pleasing, but they can help heat leak out of rooms.

Putting down a warm rug can help prevent heat escaping and ensure your feet remain warm.

Reflect the heat

Cover a thin sheet of card with tinfoil and place it behind your radiator to reflect the heat back into your home.

Bleed your radiators

You should check that your radiators are heating right to the top and if they are not, you should bleed your radiator.

Bleeding a radiator helps release the trapped air at the top, which can stop the hot water rising.

Use your oven

Once you have finished using your oven for food, it can be beneficial to leave the door open to let this heat transfer to the kitchen.

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