UK court had woman stuck in girls body secretly medicated without mum knowing

A UK court ordered a woman trapped in a girl's body to be "covertly" given hormone treatment without her or her mother's knowledge.

A judge sitting in secret concluded that the woman's mother did not want her to grow up.

The mother did not seek help over her daughter's failure to reach puberty. The woman was put into a care home in 2019 because of her mother’s negative influence.

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The woman, who can only be identified as 'A', did not have the ability to make decisions for herself.

When she was in care, judges secretly decided to give the 23-year-old the hormone treatment she needed to grow into an adult.

Her mother and family were not aware.

The woman initially refused to take the medication so it was secretly put into her food and drink.

A has now developed into a woman after this secret medication continued for two years.

The secrecy was ended last month after Mr Justice Poole, sitting in the Court of Protection, told the mother what was happening.

Throughout the process the mother could only contact A via limited monitored phone calls.

Campaigners from the Open Justice Court of Protection Project attended an early hearing and are now bringing some of the details of the case to light.

Mr Justice Poole has lifted restrictions on the case being reported, as long as those involved are anonymised.

A is still unaware of what is happening to her, and it was deemed unlikely that she will find out from the media or on social media.

Her mother has now promised to cooperate. She has been banned from telling her daughter what is happening.

Officials are also working on a move towards "open" medication at home.

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The medication is still being administered without A's knowledge as it was deemed in her best interests.

The court heard A had mild Asperger’s, epilepsy, primary ovarian failure and a vitamin D deficiency.

A doctor told the judge that A’s prospects were "extremely bleak" without the hormone treatment.

She had the "basic human right of every girl to blossom into a woman", it was said.

Professor Celia Kitzinger of the Open Justice Court of Protection Project listed the reasons why she thought the case was a cause of public concern: "Deprivation of liberty; administering medication contrary to a person’s wishes and without their knowledge; draconian restrictions on contact between family members; and the right to a hearing at which all parties are provided with the same information."


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