UK heatwave forecast: Exact date UK to bake in 90F heat as DROUGHT warning issued

Heatwave sweeps across Europe with record high temperatures

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Weather forecaster Jim Dale, from British Weather Services, told that the hot weather will peak in the southeast, reaching up to 32C. The warmest temperatures, he said, will hit on Monday, July 11, bringing temperatures that may even feel “too hot”. Meanwhile, weather forecaster WXCharts has predicted highs of 30C on that day, with the warm temperatures continuing until Thursday.

Speaking to, Mr Dale said: “We’re moving towards warmer, very warm and then rather hot weather – that’s the basic tale of this.

“I don’t think the southeast is going to see much in the way of rainfall for the next ten days.

“By the time we get to the weekend, temperatures are moving upwards, it’s a south to north transition.

“The hotter weather is going to be in the south and the east, with a bit of eastern Scotland.

“And it’s the southeast that again will be the focal point for temperatures moving up.

“I still think they’ll be high enough, maybe 26C to 27C, maybe 28C at a push.

“But as we get into the start of next week, 31C and 32C is about the mark.”

Mr Dale also warned of possible water shortages.

He said: “As the dry weather prevails, we can start talking about drought.

“You can maybe think about hose pipe bans.”

The forecaster added: “For the most part, this will be very pleasant weather I think for the bulk of the country – in the southeast maybe a bit too hot.”

However, he warned that western Scotland and Northern Ireland are going to be “a bit more interchangeable with the weather”.

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He added: “That doesn’t mean you’re not going to see a lot of dry weather, but they’ve got occasional fronts that come in and spoil things, so it’s a bit choppy and cooler.”

Meanwhile, Netweather forecaster Nick Finnis said that, while there will be some unsettled conditions for the rest of this week, the weather will settle down by the weekend.

He said: “Wednesday will be a blustery day away from the southeast.

“Becoming windy through the afternoon and evening particularly for eastern Scotland, through the Central belt, NE England and over the Pennines.

“That’s as the first low pressure pulls away to Scandinavia and our winds veer to the northwest.

“Through into the weekend, the UK settles into a mostly dry, bright or sunny picture with light winds from a mostly westerly direction.”

Mr Finnis added: “Another warm front brushes by at the weekend, again dry and fine for most but rain in the far north.

“This pattern continues into next week. High pressure bringing fine, dry weather with warm sunshine for much of the UK, especially southern Britain, but interruptions from the west over western Scotland, Northern Ireland and sometimes more of northern Britain.”

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