UK hot weather warning: New health alert issued as extreme 36C heatwave to BAKE nation

UK weather: Temperatures set to climb day on day

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The forecaster has triggered a level 3 amber alert, which is one away from level 4 that was reached amid last month’s extreme heat. This, the forecaster says, is implemented when its scientists confirm temperature thresholds for one of more regions will be reached for one day at the following night. For this week there is a greater than 90 percent confidence these guidelines will be met. This alert is to warn social and healthcare services of actions needed for specific high risk groups.

The Met Office has warned of a heatwave building early this week, with temperatures set to peak at mid to late 30s by Saturday, August 13.

Early indicators suggest thermometers may start dropping off from Sunday – giving way to the potential of thunderstorms to hit later next week. 

It says last month was the driest since 1935 – and with four regions under a hosepipe ban by the end of this week, there is no guarantee of any rainfall in the immediate future.

Met Office Deputy Chief Meteorologist Tony Wardle said: “With high pressure dominant this week, the influence of any showers will be contained to the far northwest, and even here will be short-lived in nature.

“Further south, which has seen little rain for some time now, dryness will continue through the week and provide no relief for parched land, especially in the southeast.

“Some change to more unsettled conditions is then signalled but, as is often the case during the summer, details a week or more in advance of showers and rain are highly uncertain.”

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