UK long-range forecast: Coldest winter threat ‘far from over’ as UK to be hit by blizzards

BBC Weather: Freezing temperatures and snow to hit UK

Britain has been hit by freezing temperatures, heavy snow and icy winds so far this winter, but a weather forecaster has warned the wintry conditions are set to continue and could strike all the way up to March. Long-range weather charts also support the forecaster’s prediction, as they suggest several parts of the UK could be hit by snow throughout March.

Forecaster Jim Dale from British Weather Services told he expects Britain to see a long winter this year.

He said: “I see an opportunity for winter to bite back and be a lot harder.

“Even March is capable of blizzard conditions quite comfortably.

“We have got a hell of a lot of the winter yet to go. The die is not cast.”

The weather expert said the severe weather front is not yet certain, as the UK is “right on the cusp of it” at the moment.

But he told this website all the early indications are there.

He said: “The polar vortex is splitting – what this basically means is cold air moves out of the poles and down through a part of Europe or America or where ever it is likely to go.

“In this case, it looks like it is likely to be splitting and going towards northern Russia and Scandinavia and we will get the bits and pieces of that, much like we have had in the last week or two.”

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Maps from the Weather Outlook also indicate snow could fall in March.

The ultra long-range model shows a table with the date, a picture indicating the forecast followed by the expected maximum and minimum temperatures respectively.

The map indicates the Midlands and north of England and parts of Wales could see snowfall from Thursday, March 4 to Saturday March 6.

The forecasters don’t expect the mercury to go above 5C during this period.

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The south of England looks set to dodge the wintry conditions, according to the long-range forecast, with temperatures of around 6C.

A second bout of snow is forecast for Sunday, March 14 in the north of England, Midlands and Wales.

Scotland is also expected to see snowfall the following week, from Monday March 15 through to Thursday, when temperatures could fall to -2C.

The Midlands look set for a third dusting on Tuesday March 23.

Scotland, the north of England, Midlands and Wales are also forecast for snowfall over the last weekend of the month, March 27-28.

But, it is too early to predict just how heavy the snowfall will be.

No snow has yet been forecast for the south of England in March.

BBC and Met Office long-range forecasts currently only extend to the start of February.

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