UK snow alert: Second Arctic blast to tear across Britain with icy -7C freeze – maps

BBC Weather: UK issued amber warnings for snow and ice

Weather charts show sleet, snow and strong winds are set to batter the UK’s west coast from Thursday, as temperatures continue to plunge. It comes as the east of the UK continues to see snowfall, with Storm Darcy bringing strong winds and heavy snow.

The wintry conditions look set to stay confined to the east coast through the week, until the second weather front approaches from Thursday, blanketing much of the west in snow.

Weather maps show an 80-100 percent snow risk covering Cornwall and parts of Devon at 3am on Thursday.

The snow risk increases as day breaks, with the weather front moving further west to cover more of the western counties.

By 9pm a fierce weather system is seen approaching the west, covering Ireland, Northern Ireland and western England in snow.

The West Country and swathes of western Wales are due to be hit by the snowy conditions at midnight on Friday, according to a Netweather chart.

A second weather map by WXCharts shows the blizzards sweep across the west of the UK at 3am.

Snow depth maps by WXCharts show parts of the south west can expect about 3cm by 3am, with parts of Wales forecast to get 6cm, while Northern Ireland can expect 5.5inches (14cm).

By the end of the week temperatures will remain bitterly cold, with the mercury struggling to rise above freezing.

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A weather chart shows for midnight at midday on Friday the whole of the UK could be covered in an icy blue, with temperatures ranging from -1 to -7C.

BBC Weather forecaster Nick Miller said it was a “very cold week to come” with day temperatures close to freezing, and overnight frost making it feel “colder still” with “significant wind chill”.

The Met Office forecast for later in the week states: “Remaining very cold with snow showers and strong winds in the east easing. Very harsh penetrating frosts.

“Potential disruptive snow in the west on Friday with strong south-easterly winds.”

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BBC forecasters also expect unsettled conditions to hit the west from the end of the week.

They said: “Thursday will be cold and the day will start brightly and calm.

“Cloud and some rain, sleet or snow could push in from the west later.

“Friday looks increasingly unsettled with strong winds and sleet and snow in the west.”

Storm Darcy will continue to batter the east of the UK today, with weather maps forecasting a 100 percent snow risk covering huge swathes of Britain at 3pm.

Snow depth maps by WXCharts show by Tuesday morning, parts of Kent can expect up to 6inches (16cm) of snow.

East Anglia is forecast up to 7.5inches (19cm), while northern counties can expect as much as 11inches (28cm) of snow.

Met Officials officials have issued two amber warnings for this week.

Eastern areas of Nottingham, Sheffield and Lincoln are under threat of travel disruption caused by heavy snow showers today, while Sterling and Perth in Scotland should expect blizzards early tomorrow morning.

The weather authority has also released yellow alerts across the length of Britain.

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