UK snow forecast: SECOND Polar blast hits NEXT WEEK with up to 22cm of snow in Scotland

UK Weather: Parts of UK see heavy snow and hail

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Jim Dale, a senior meteorologist at British Weather Services, told that it “could well be time to get your sledge out again”, as a second cold blast is due to set in from Tuesday. This comes after the UK was hit by freezing temperatures and snowfall in a cold snap which is set to continue into the weekend. Weather forecaster WXCharts has predicted up to 8.6inches (22cm) of snow to fall in parts of Scotland on Thursday.

Newcastle and Edinburgh are also set to see some snow.

Minimum temperatures in Scotland will reach -10C, while temperatures in the south will hover between 0 and 2C.

Mr Dale said that milder weather will move in on Monday, only to be replaced by a second bout of wintry weather from Tuesday.

Speaking to, the forecaster said: “We’re not out of the colder air mass – it is still in situ.

“For the next 24, 36 hours there still is wintry weather in that eastern area.

“The frost will still be in situ first thing. 0C temperatures at night time and lower – for most, not all.

“By Monday, it has turned milder.

“However, behind that, by Tuesday and certainly into Wednesday and Thursday, we’re back in the cold air again – definitely in Scotland.

“And there will be more outbreaks of snow come the middle of the week – so Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday – in the Highlands, the Grampians, down into the southern uplands, on the way to Glasgow.

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“They will be back in the snow. There will also be a scattering further south.

“The polar front which controls all of this is wobbling around over the UK.

“It will move further north bringing rain and then that rain will become snow showers and affect the northern part of the UK more than the south – and more snow to come to them.”

Mr Dale explained: “It can go in two directions April – either it can be a heatwave or we can get the polar stuff. And we’ve got the polar stuff.

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“So I don’t see us getting out of this very quickly.

“The cold air will come down to the south but I see most of the action in Scotland.

“It could well be time to get your sledge out again.

“So we’re not out of the woods, there is plenty to come.”

Speaking about the coming weekend, Richard Miles from the Met Office told that “wintry showers will continue to affect many areas”.

He added: “High ground above 100m in the southeast could see 1-2cm, the mountains of north Wales could see 5-10cm in places.

“The eastern side of the country from Lincolnshire north is likely to see the highest concentration of showers though, with a yellow ice warning in place from midnight to 10 am tomorrow morning.

“The weather will turn more changeable into next week, although wintry conditions remain possible in the north particularly.

“Moving further into April the outlook is unsettled, although at present the longer-range forecast has temperatures looking around average.”

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