UK snow forecast: Winter NOT over Jetstream blast to dump 40CM of snow in rapid change

UK weather: Widespread snow and low temperatures

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Weather forecaster WXCharts has predicted heavy snow in mid-February, with the country seeing up to 16inches (40cm) by 16 February. The snow will be primarily located around the north of Britain, with the bulk of it falling in Scotland. But the forecaster has also predicted some snow to fall further south than Scotland, including Manchester and parts of Wales and southwest England.

Speaking to, senior meteorologist at British Weather Services Jim Dale has said that the snow events in February are likely to arrive quickly and without much warning, in the same manner as storms Corrie and Malik, which battered the UK over the weekend.

Mr Dale said: “Storm Corrie and Storm Malik – the Met Office missed those completely.

“That happened for the same reason that I’m talking about the snow in the way that I am.

“That was quite a rapid development, it took 24 hours for the chart to pick it up and show it more as a threat.

“It was a two-and-a-half day window – there wasn’t much in it. And it’s going to be the same with this snow event.

“Snow events and wintry events, this far out, we can’t be sure that the white stuff isn’t going to come down into the South.

“These developments, especially at this time of year, can just come in and catch you slightly unaware. so there’s every opportunity for the rest of February to deliver. We’re always at the mercy of these developments and it’s far too early to say that winter is over.

“The only thing that goes against that is the rising sun at the moment. It’s getting lighter and even when you get into the sun on a day like this it feels that little bit warmer

“I would expect any snow events that occur in February further south than the Highlands and the Grampians not to be lasting – they’ll be short sharp events if that does occur.

“Those are often the ones that cause the most trouble because they come in and do the damage and people get caught out in them, in the same way as Malik and Corrie.”

He noted that February is often the month that “brings the most snow”, but said that currently, it appears that the snow will remain in Northern parts of the UK.

He said: “We’re obviously still in winter time, and this month is often the one that brings the most snow in actual fact, it’s not unusual.

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“And because we’ve seen a dearth of it, i.e. not much at all in December, it is overdue.

“So yes, you can see snow on the various charts.

“Primarily, it’s the Highlands and the Grampians, the Scottish areas that see the majority.

“There is some coming later this week, that will start to add to what is a fairly thin pile. That’s the start of it.

“It does take time for the second phase to get going and some of that tends to extend into the northern parts of the UK – mainly the hills, the Pennines and the Cleveland hills.

“The jet stream is over us and it’s bringing in that cold air – it’s basically the Nortwesterlys that are doing the damage in terms of the cold weather.”

But he added: “We’re going to have to be watching the sharp end of these in case of any developments that actually push further South into the more populated areas, by that I include Glasgow and Edinburgh and everything from that point southwards.”

Mr Dale also said that skiers in the Scottish mountains are likely to be pleased with the upcoming weather.

He said: “What I would expect to see – for the skiers of this world – the Highlands and the Grampians will see a much better end to the season than they have seen of late.

“It was a good start, a bad middle and it could be a good end.

“If you’re looking for the snow, those Scottish mountains are going to see more and more of it as the month unwinds.”

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