UK snow map: Exact date snow blast could grip Britain – latest charts

UK Weather: Met Office forecast wintry conditions

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Amid the chaos of successive named storms, including record-breaker Storm Eunice, the UK has been experiencing relatively mild weather conditions in recent days. Met Office weather warnings have not been issued for the time being, although some potentially heavy rain is forecast across England and Wales today (February 28). But in the coming weeks, snow is expected to fall across several regions of the country.

Snow is expected to hit the Scottish Highlands today, with Netweather forecasting the northwest Highlands could see some “snow showers”.

The meteorological start of Spring will dawn on Tuesday, but those hoping for some much warmer weather in March may be disappointed.

Widespread snow could be on course to hit the UK in the early days of March, according to several weather maps.

Netweather UK snow risk maps show parts of England and Wales could see snow on Monday, March 7.

The areas with the highest probability of snow include a chunk of Wales and parts of central England.

The chart suggests that some areas of eastern and southeastern England are also likely to see some snow on this date.

A similar weather picture is forecast by WXCHARTS, with winter overview maps showing snow across parts of eastern and southern England on March 7.

Even more snow could grip the country leading into Tuesday, with the maps indicating that a dusting of snow could affect areas including Northern Ireland, Scotland and northern England, among other places.

Later in the week on March 10, the winter overview maps show snow will affect parts of Wales and swathes of the northern half of the UK.

Towards the end of next week, forecast charts for March 11 show significant snow depth could accumulate in parts of Scotland.

WXCHARTS snow depth maps show up to 16cm of snow, or some six inches, could accumulate in central Scotland around this date.

In mid-March, the forecast looks a little milder as Spring blooms into full swing, with the Met Office long-range forecast for March 14 to March 28 suggesting there will likely be a “continuation” of the “northwest-southeast split in weather conditions”.

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The forecasters added: “High pressure is most likely to affect southern parts, and as a result the weather will be more settled and drier here.

“The northwest is at the greatest risk of unsettled spells. It will probably be drier than normal for all however, although upslope areas of the north and west are likely to see more in the way of rain.

“It will be windy at times in the northwest, where the risk of windstorms is highest.

“Winds will be generally lighter further south. It is likely to remain mild, although still with the risk of brief colder spells.”

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