UK snow map: Where has it snowed today? Will it snow near me today?

UK weather: Long range forecast warns of temperature drop

Love it or hate it, a sudden icy blast has meant parts of the UK have been blanketed in snow in recent days to round off 2020. The start of the year has been extremely cold and frosty for most, with new lingering snow reported across the country.

New Year’s Eve rounded off a dismal 2020 suitably, ending up being the coldest day of the year, bringing in temperatures of minus 7.5C in places.

Snow and ice weather warnings were issued for huge swathes of the UK as the snow came down over the Christmas period.

Christmas 2020 was officially declared a white Christmas as it snowed across parts of the UK.

This weekend is expected to continue with this particularly cold spell, with freezing easterly winds keeping temperatures down despite a sunnier day expected for most across the UK.

Where has it snowed?

Snow is on the ground in Scotland, parts of Lancashire, Cumbria, Staffordshire, Leicestershire, Worcestershire, Cheshire and Somerset.

On New Year’s Day snow blanketed Greater Manchester, Merseyside, North Yorkshire and across Scotland.

Scotland has seen the heaviest snowfall so far, with more southern areas getting little or none at all over the past few days.

Will it snow today?

According to the Met Office, snow is most likely to fall in the north east of England and Wales today.

However, if you live in these areas don’t expect much to settle, with patchy rain also expected.

Beware of ice if it rains or snows where you are today – temperatures are expected to drop to minus five overnight.

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It’s not expected that any snow to come today is likely to settle much, aside from on snow that is already on the ground in heavily hit areas like Scotland.

According to Netweather, the cold snap across the UK is here to stay for the weekend and into next week, with bright conditions expected.

The report reads: “The weekend then begins mostly dry with sunny spells inland, but wintry showers will be about from the off nearer to the coasts.

“Into the afternoon, it looks likely that the wintry showers may organise themselves and push further inland from the east, potentially getting right across England and even into Wales.

“After another hard frost, particularly in the north and west, Sunday then brings a very similar day with wintry showers most frequent in eastern coastal counties but coming further inland at times.

“Winds by this point will be tilting more into the northeast or east.

“They’ll be mostly light across the far north of the country, and strongest near to the coasts.”

“Into next week, those northeasterly winds will continue.

“It’ll be western and northern areas which therefore see the best of the sunshine during the day, but it’ll also be those areas seeing the hardest frosts overnight.

“Further wintry showers will blow in from the east, organising at times to head well inland as the wintry start to 2021 continues.”

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