UK weather forecast: Britain drenched by 70mm of rain as showers and snow hit TONIGHT

BBC weather: Frosty with outbreaks of sun and isolated showers

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Forecasters and charts show that from Tuesday evening and on Wednesday, conditions turn for the worse with heavier rains and snow. According to WXCharts, 9pm on Tuesday is when the unsettled conditions return, with snow in high regions of Scotland and rain in the northern regions of Britain.

While rainfall and snow relent overnight, the UK will see them return at 6am on Wednesday, with a southwest plume of rain pushing north into Ireland and the west coast of Scotland with up to 5mm of rain an hour,

This band of rain then begins to slowly push eastwards into Britain throughout the morning, with light snowfall, up to 1cm an hour, featuring in Ireland.

By 3pm, the rain will strike the west of Britain inn earnest, albeit with lighter downpours up to 3mm an hour over Cornwall, Cardiff, Liverpool and Carlisle.

Some snow returns as well over the western regions of Scotland, with a maximum of 2cm an hour over Fort William.

Throughout Wednesday the rain band weakens, with 9pm seeing it push into the eastern parts of England with between 2mm and 1mm an hour showers in areas such as Southampton and London, while some parts of the Midlands also are affected.

By 6am on Thursday, the last of the rain band should have pushed away from England, affecting only areas like Dover and the northern most parts of Suffolk with showers less than 1mm an hour.

Conditions are then expected to remain dry over the UK for the remainder of Thursday, with the exception of light rains over Cornwall, the western parts of Northern Ireland and some parts of the Welsh coast line.

Another rain band strikes overnight however, soaking Ireland at midnight on Friday and moving into Britain by 6am.

Pressure systems then see rain disperse over the UK, striking areas intermittently with downpours between 1mm to 3mm an hour.

The weekend then sees a cyclonic-style pressure system send smaller, yet heavier, patches of rain over much of the UK, with the worst of he weather affecting Ireland.

Accuweather told “It is likely that it will remain unsettled over the weekend with scattered rains from a storm moving through on a southwest to northeast track.

“Any threat for wintry showers will be confined to the Scottish Highlands this weekend.”

Overall, from Monday to midday on Sunday, WXCharts holds Cornwall will see a maximum of 53mm of rain this week, while Fort William drenches in a total of 70mm.

Nick Finnis, senior forecaster, wrote for the agency’s website the weather will turn “milder, windier & unsettled from mid-week”.

He said: “As we go through the first half of the week, the high (pressure) will retreat over Germany, allowing a milder southerly flow to develop by mid-week, but also allowing wet and windy conditions to move in from the Atlantic across northern and western areas.

“All parts will become windy and will see spells of rain or showers during the second half of the week, but it will become rather mild too in the southerly flow, perhaps reaching 15C across southern and eastern England on Thursday.

“The unsettled and windy theme continuing next weekend.”

Mr Finnis then said: “It looks to remain unsettled and windy next weekend, with further spells of rain or showers – as areas of low pressure move in from the southwest off the Atlantic.”

For the remainder of the week, the Met Office holds it will be “mostly dry and chilly at first, turning more unsettled” as the weekend draws nearer.

They said: “Rather cloudy and windy with some rain in the west, especially in western Scotland and Northern Ireland.

“Drier with some sunshine in the southeast, feeling warm in the sunshine here.”

In the Met Office’s long range forecast from March 12 to March 21, they said: “Largely cloudy and mild but breezy on Saturday with outbreaks of rain.

“The best of any sunshine is expected across the north and northeast. At the start of the next week outbreaks of rain are possible across all areas with the heavier rain towards the west.

“The east should see the best of any dry weather although showers are likely at times. Windy at times with a risk of gales in the west.

“Temperatures are expected to be mostly near normal to rather mild. Through the rest of the period, frontal systems push eastwards which are likely to bring strengthening winds and rain.

“The main impacts are likely to be from heavy rain and gales during this time.”

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