Ukraine destroys Russian Mi-24 as Putin ally lays out new war goal

Ukraine: Soldiers blow up Russian tank Stugna-P ATGM system

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Ukraine’s armed forces have claimed the downing of a Russian Mi-24 helicopter as Putin’s troops continue to be ground down in brutal fighting in the east of the country. The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine released a war report on Saturday detailing the latest causalities inflicted on invading Russian forces, alongside downing the helicopter, Ukrainian shelling also reportedly managed to destroy an opposing artillery unit.

As Russian losses mount and with the Kremlin’s offensive seemingly stalled on many fronts, Putin’s close ally Dimitry Medvedev has hinted at a shift in war objectives for the Russian leadership. The Deputy Secretary of the Security Council of Russia said in an interview with Russian state television that the Kremlin’s “goals” in the war could see the Russian army tasked with capturing not only the Ukrainian capital Kyiv but also advancing as far westwards as the city of Lviv.


Vladimir Putin using Ukraine invasion to ignite a ‘holy war,’ expert claims

Dr Katherine Kelaidis, a renowned Russian history expert. Kelaidis had argued that the controversial head of the Russian Orthodox Church, Patriarch Kirill, is aiding Putin in his efforts to paint himself as a “martyr.” This move is believed to be an attempt to gain support from the far-right across the globe, while also trying to erode faith in western institutions like the International Criminal Court. This comes after an arrest warrant was issued against the Russian President earlier this month. READ THE FULL STORY HERE

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