Ukraine issues urgent call for medical supplies as hospital stocks run dangerously low

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Doctors have warned the situation is “desperate”, as oxygen supplies dwindle to “dangerously low”, according to the World Health Organisation.

Transport vehicles have struggled to drive across the country while under fire from Russian forces, while medicines, bandages and gloves are also in danger of running out as Ukraine continues to fight off Putin’s invasion.

UK-based Ukrainian doctors have asked for donations which they can take with them to eastern Europe to ease the crisis.

WHO said in a statement that the “majority of hospitals could exhaust their oxygen reserves within the next 24 hours”.

Dr Volodymyr Suskyi, an intensive care doctor at Feofaniya Clinical Hospital in Kyiv, spoke to The Independent about the need for emergency back-up systems to give a patient on life support oxygen, after the area that supplies the hospital was bombed.

He said: “It’s hard times but we are working together to help people.

“We hear explosions every hour, I don’t know if it’s near our hospital, but we hear it and every time we hear an alarm, we take our patients to the bomb shelter and wait until the situation is back to normal.

“It is difficult to move the patients, but what else can we do?

“The area near the oxygen plant exploded, so the plant is not working, so we don’t have enough oxygen in our hospital right now.

“We have volunteers in our country who are trying to get us supplies and are trying to connect to other countries to ask for help.

“It would be great if the UK can help.”

The Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry and European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations have asked for certain medical supplies and raw materials to be exempt from sanctions currently being placed on Russian trade.

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On Sunday, the UK Government said it would offer £40 million in humanitarian aid to Ukraine for medicinal supplies, dressing, syringes and wound care.

However the UK Foreign Office said it could not give any more details at this stage.

Dr Suskyi has shared his contact details for anyone who could help provide his hospital with supplies – [email protected]

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