Ukraine’s gun-toting army hotties post vids of antics – from dancing to spanking

As Russian troops perch on Ukraine’s border and fears of World War Three increase, female Ukrainian soldiers have started to flaunt glamorous pictures on TikTok – suggesting they’ll look good while defending their country.

In the videos, the glamorous soldiers can be seen dancing and proudly showing off bullets.

Tensions between Russia and Ukraine have been fraught as Ukraine prepares itself for a potential Russian land invasion.

But against this backdrop, Ukraine’s female soldiers have been showing a different side to international conflicts by posting funny videos of what they get up to in the barracks.

One such soldier, Iryna Greytsarovska, has amassed 27,000 likes on her content which shows her singing in her uniform. Her bio reads: "Ukraine above all."

Another video shows a group of young women miming a song outside what looks to be a military barracks.

On the same account, a young soldier shows her followers the day to day life of a Ukrainian soldier.

She documents herself carrying out drills and posing with pals, while interestingly another account shows soldiers pretending to spank each other.

In another account, a female soldier named Katiusha regularly posts updates to her 27,000 followers.

Her videos involve her parading in military dress and miming along to Eastern European songs from her barracks.

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Russia continues to deny any aggressive intentions with Ukraine, but Vladimir Putin has amassed an army of over 100,000 troops, along with vehicles, weapons and supplies along the border.

It has been rumoured that Russian now has around 130,000 troops ready to enter Ukraine at a moment's notice.

That will be backed up by artillery, the ability to pursue electronic warfare and other logical units.

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