Ukrainian childrens summer camp used by Russian soldiers to slaughter families

Russian forces have been found to have slaughtered hundreds of civilians – including children – at a summer camp in the besieged Ukrainian city of Bucha.

A BBC investigation found that the site of Camp Radiant is now a crime scene – as is the vast majority of Bucha.

Last month, the world was horrified after it emerged that Vladimir Putin's vile Russian troops embarked on a “deliberate campaign” of rape, murder, terror and torture in Bucha, Ukraine.

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken slammed the actions of Putin while speaking after video and photo evidence of horrendous acts committed by Russian troops in the area, near the Ukraine's capital of Kyiv, emerged.

Russia had denied committing any acts of violence in the area, and called the photos and videos fakes – but the video and photo evidence says otherwise.

Now the BBC's Sarah Rainsford has been to the area to find out the truth.

Camp Radiant was one of the first places Putin's sick forces hit when they came to Bucha.

According to Ms Rainsford, a field “full of civilian cars pierced with multiple bullet holes, now piled up on the edge of Bucha” can be seen.

She said: “They are vehicles that were shot at when families tried to flee.

“One still has a length of white cloth at the window, hung to show the soldiers that its occupants were no threat – step too close, and you catch the sickly smell of death.”

Around 1,000 men, women and children was slaughtered in Bucha, and hundreds of bodies were found underneath the camp in April.

Kyiv regional police chief, Andrii Niebytov, said: “We know they had been tortured. The Russian army has crossed the line of how war is conducted.

“They were not fighting the military in Ukraine, they were kidnapping and torturing the civilian population."

Sickeningly, Putin handed out military honours to soldiers reportedly involved in the mass killing of civilians in Bucha.

The Russian President's shocking decision to award Russia's 64th Separate Motorized Rifle Brigade with the esteemed title of 'Guards' took place last month.

In a presidential decree from the Kremlin, Putin praised the troops for "mass heroism and courage, fortitude and courage shown by the personnel of the brigade in combat operations to protect the Fatherland and state interests in armed conflicts."

Describing them as a model to be followed by other soldiers, he added: "Skilful and resolute actions of the unit's personnel during the special military operation in Ukraine are an example of the performance of military duty, courage, selflessness and high professionalism."

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