Ukrainian soldier shows horror of Azovstal steel works before Russian capture

The true horrors of Russia's destruction of the Azovstal Steel Works in Ukraine has been revealed.

Photographer Dmytro Kozatsky, who is a member of the Azov Regiment that held onto the infamous building for longer than Russia would have hoped, has released a series of striking images, all taken from inside the now-destroyed plant.

He posted the images, and a link to his Google Drive, on May 20 just before the valiant soldiers were ordered to stop fighting and surrender.

Tweeting the images, he wrote: “Well that’s all.

“Thank you from the shelters of Azovstal – the place of my death and my life.

“By the way, while I am in captivity, I will leave you photos in the best quality, send them to all journalistic awards and photo contests.

“If I win something, it will be very nice after the release. Thank you all for your support.”

One the day the plant was liberated, nearly 1,000 Ukrainian soldiers left the steelworks, ending a siege that kept an estimated 20,000 Russian troops tied up for over 80 days.

The Russian Defense Ministry claims that the strategically important site "has been completely liberated".

"The territory of the Azovstal metallurgical plant in Mariupol, where since April 21 the group of Ukrainian militants of the Azov Nazi formation has been blocked, has been completely liberated," Major General Igor Konashenkov, spokesman for the Russian Defense Ministry, said.

The head of the department, Sergei Shoigu, reported to Russian President Vladimir Putin on the complete liberation of Mariupol from Ukrainian militants, Russian news reports stated. stated that the underground facilities of the plant came under the control of Russian troops.

The Ukrainian captives gathered up earlier this week are being taken to a Russian prison colony there are fears that they could be put on trial as “Nazi war criminals”.

The images released this week show the true extent of the damage caused in the building, and shines a light on how the heroic forces were living.

In what looks like scenes from survivor camps from The Walking Dead television series, soldiers can be seen huddling around a fire, while others have makeshift bandages and splints on their arms.

One man can also be seen with an over-the-counter plaster being used to keep stitches together on his wounded face.

Some soldiers are even pictured with bandages on missing limbs, as a result of the long, protracted battle at the plant.

The images went viral online, with many users offering "strength" to the fighter.

His current whereabouts and fate are unknown, and he hasn't tweeted anything since the day of capture on May 20.

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