Ukrainian woman downed drone with jar of tomatoes as Russias invasion continues

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A woman in Kyiv has been praised for reportedly knocking a drone out of the sky with a jar of tomatoes., a Ukrainian news site, spoke to the woman, known as Elena, about her actions in the Ukrainian capital.

She said she had been sitting on her balcony smoking when a drone appeared.

Elena then knocked the drone out of the sky after launching a jar of tomatoes at the device.

In case the drone could be tracked, the Ukrainian woman and her husband distributed the remnants of the drones in several bins.

They also cleared remaining glass fragments to prevent their neighbour’s dogs from cutting their paws.

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Elena told the Ukrainian news site that she thinks the device was operated by looters looking for empty flats to enter and steal from.

However, she also confirmed she has “instantly” decided she will not be leaving Kyiv after Russia invaded Ukraine.

Liubov Tsybulska, an advisor to the Ukrainian Government, posted about the incident on social media.

Writing on social media, Ms Tsybulska said: “In Kyiv a woman knocked down a Russian drone from a balcony with a jar of cucumbers.

“How did they expect to occupy this country?”

Ms Tsybulska added an update which said: “Our media found that lady.

“The story is proved.

“With a small correction: it was pickled TOMATOES.”

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The post went viral on Twitter.

More than 270,000 users liked Ms Tysbulska’s tweet and a further 46,000 shared the post.

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