UKs most untrainable dog with dark side and dangerous split personality

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A canine behaviourist says she is unable to control her dog because of its split personality, which she has deemed as "dangerous" since the pet started causing havoc in their village.

Nicole Hammer, says she owns one of the 'UK's most untrainable' Jack Russells, named Noushka, and says the pooch is somehow able to "charm everyone" before carrying out an attack.

The 57-year-old says her dog looks like "butter wouldn't melt" until she lashes out on her neighbour's pets across the village in Dwyran, Anglesey, Wales.

Nicola went on to say her pooch has a "nasty streak" and said she is running out of options on what she can do to tame it, reports North Wales Live.

“Everyone says, ah, she is so sweet, so cute, she’s lovely," she said.

"But when another dog so much as growls, she flies into a fury. She always has done.

“It’s the terrier DNA. She has a dark side, a nasty streak.”

Matters came to a head this week when Noushka ran into her neighbour’s garden just as visitors were arriving.

She leapt into their car and latched onto an elderly dog. It was several minutes before Nicole could prise her off.

Then yesterday (March 3), Noushka attacked another dog named Buster, which led to her neighbour injuring his back as he tried to separate them.

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Nicole bought Noushka as a newborn pup after she was advertised on Facebook by farm-based breeders in Bryngwran.

She wanted a Border Collie but had to compromise as, initially, she had to half-share it with a friend.

Nicole, who trained as a behaviourist in her native Germany, said her first setback was when Noushka developed a penchant for chasing sheep.

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It took time – and help from a neighbouring farmer – but Nicole eventually schooled her dog to ignore livestock.

By the time Noushka was 18 months old, Nicole realised she had trouble on her hands and soon noticed her dog had a "poodle fixation."

“As a canine behaviourist, it’s embarrassing,” she said.

“I have had much success with other dogs but not this one.

“In Germany, other trainers say not to worry, they all have a terrier in the cellar. This means they all know you will one day get a terrier that is untrainable.”

“She latches onto dogs with her mouth but she doesn’t draw blood," she added.

“However a friend told me it won’t be long before I am reported to the police, so I must do something.

“I can’t walk through the village and tell people I am giving her away – they will think I am terrible, I am cruel.

“But that may have to be my last option.”

Having taken advice from her vets, Nicole took to Facebook to appeal to local farmers and smallholders who may be in need of a good ratter and want to part-share a dog.

An alternative is an arrangement with the owner of several dogs, even a pack, as Noushka behaves herself when outnumbered.

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