UK’s oldest man celebrates 110th birthday and shares his keys to a long life

Britain's oldest man has shared the secret to his long life as he celebrated his 110th birthday.

Born August 26, 1912, John Alfred Tinniswood, from Southport, has seen through both World Wars, the Spanish flu and the Covid-19 pandemic, and has received 10 cards from the Queen.

At his recent birthday, the die-hard Liverpool fan said the secret to a long life was "moderation".

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He said: "Moderation in everything and all things. Moderation in exercising, writing, listening."

The great-grandfather said it was important to broaden your vision and not to stay with one thing all the time, otherwise you'll be on a narrow path, adding: "So many people today are like sheep, a lot of people go through life not thinking for themselves."

Also a fan of fish and chips, John said his weekly portion helped make him feel young.

When asked how he felt about being Britain's oldest person, he told the BBC he did not believe it, adding: “I don’t feel old, I keep up with my friends.”

Metro reports John believes his long life comes down to relaxing. On his 109th birthday last year, John said: "You should never exceed what you normally do, otherwise you’ll injure yourselves either bodily or mentally. So stay within the limits of what you can do!"

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While the father of one knows what has worked for him, Metro also reports John believes it would be "impudent" of him to tell other people how to live.

John marked his milestone birthday at The Hollies care home, Southport, where he celebrated with 110 gold balloons and a clock that paid homage to his beloved football team, inscribed with the club's anthem “You’ll Never Walk Alone”, reports The Independent.

He was also paid as visit by Merseyside lord-lieutenant Mark Blundell, who delivered another birthday card from the Queen, which contained "very good messages" from her Majesty.


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