Uni hosts OnlyFans event for eager students and to ‘destigmatise sex work’

As part of Ohio State University’s “Sex Week”, Psychology and Political Science student Emma King hosted a webinar advising would-be OnlyFans creators on how to examine their experiences and take the stigma out of sex work.

The hour-long online event, which took place on Saturday, February 20, was organised by OSU’s Student Advocates for Sexual Health Awareness (SASHA).

A description of the event, titled OnlyFans: Behind the Scenes, said: "Starting an OnlyFans? Join us for a panel with OnlyFans content creators to discuss their experiences and destigmatising digital sex work."

It’s one of several seminars throughout the week-long event devoted to sex work and the adult film industry.

Emma says that Sex Week, which is in its fifth year, was originally created to address the “abysmal” sex education provision in the state of Ohio.

Her SASHA colleague Katie Chung said. “There’s something for everybody on the schedule.”

She said that a new event added for the 2021 season — “Kiss Me Thru The Phone: Cybersex during COVID-19” — will highlight dating during the pandemic and virtual love and sex.

“It really relates to the pandemic,” she explained. “Even this year we see adding events dealing with COVID, and that’s obviously not something that’s going to go on every single other year.”

Other panels included “Kink 101,” “Decolonizing Porn: Why We Need Ethical Production,” “That’s Toxic: A Talk on Healthy vs. Toxic Masculinity” and “They Work Hard for the Money: Sex Work with Dr. Teela Sanders.”

“Sexual education is for anybody — it doesn’t matter how much experience you have,” Katie added.

SASHA’s vice president, Marissa Mariner, says one of the week’s highlights is a workshop on ethical and feminist pornography centred on the work of ErikaLust Films.

She added that that there’s no such thing as sex education that’s “too comprehensive”, saying “We’re trying to help the people.”

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