Unrecognisable Mike Pompeos staggering weight loss sparks frenzy in US

Putin will ‘push US administration to edge’ says Mike Pompeo

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Mr Pompeo said the motivation for his staggering weight loss came from weighing himself on 14 June last year. To his horror the former CIA director discovered that he was close to 300 pounds or 21 stone.

Mr Pomepo, 58, told his wife Susan that he had to change.

He told The New York Post: “I started exercising, not every day, but nearly every day, and eating right and the weight just started to come off.”

Pompeo said that he also invested in a home gym in his basement with some dumbbells and an elliptical machine.

He added: “I tried to get down there five, six times a week and stay at it for a half-hour or so. And that was nothing scientific.

“There was no trainer, there was no dietician. It was just me.”

The West Point graduate started putting on the pounds after he was elected to Congress as a representative for Kansas in 2010.

However, Mr Pompeo admits that maintaining a healthy weight has been a “lifetime struggle” for him.

Discipline has also been important and that has involved changing his diet, ditching the cheeseburgers and sugary treats for more balanced food choices. 

Despite his new healthy regime Pompeo has still vowed to enjoy family culinary gatherings and traditions.

He said: “For our family, food is where we gather. We are Italian and we like to get together around a good meal of pasta and bread and cheeses and dessert.

“We are still going to enjoy these big meals with family and friends except I am going to be the guy that says, ‘Yeah, I’ll have a salad’.”

The California native admits that in the past he did use an injury to his foot as an excuse not to lose weight. 

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He said: “I put on almost a hundred pounds over the course of 10, 11 years — years that coincided with my foot injury — so I told myself that was the reason I gained so much weight.”

Since leaving the Trump administration Mr Pompeo has contributed to Fox News, worked as a senior counsel for global affairs at the American Center for Law and Justice, and chairs the Calvary PAC, an organization dedicated to electing conservative candidates to the US House and Senate.

Laughing off talk of a 2024 Presidential bid he wants to spend time with his “enormously supportive” wife and family as well as being around to hopefully enjoy being a Grandad.

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