US Army vet returning to Ukraine calls Russians clowns over £40k bounty on him

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The US Army veteran who vowed to sell everything he owned and fly out to Ukraine to help with the fight against the Russian invaders has made good on his promise and is ready to rejoin the battle after learning of a £40k bounty placed on him.

Former US Army staff sergeant James Vasquez says the Russians that “have bounties on his head” following his previous tour of duty in Ukraine and warns them to “better up the ante” because he’s going to be back in the fight “twice as hard” soon.

“It’s official,” he says, “heading back first week of August. More organised, [better] equipped, more motivated”.

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And he’s in a no-nonsense mood.

“Seriously,” he says, “don’t insult me with with a $50,000 (over £40,000) bounty. Go big or go home, Russian clowns.

“When I get back I’ll take that money from you in five minutes with the next assault vehicle I take from you. Don’t waste my time

Vasquez says he has nothing left to lose after he announced he and his wife were separating.

He said: “I’m selling my house and every thing I own. I’m returning to Ukraine to fight the rest of the war. Then after I’m rebuilding Ukraine."

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After he posted a clip showing all of his possessions laid out on the front lawn of his home in southwestern Connecticut, one concerned Twitter follower warned Vasquez that someone could use the information in the video to track him down.

But Vasquez wasn’t backing down: “I’m not hiding from anyone,” he wrote. “It’s no secret this is my address. Come to my home with bad intentions and I promise you a body bag is your next outfit”.

He issued a similarly warlike message when he was on his way home from Ukraine, tweeting out the name of the Warsaw hotel where he was staying while he was waiting for his flight to

Vasquez’s wife, Tina, initially said she was “super-proud” of his volunteering in Ukraine but later admitted that dealing with the uncertainty of knowing that her husband could die at any moment was a “struggle”.


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