Vienna terrorist ‘smiled’ as he helped neighbour hours before shooting massacre

A neighbour of Vienna terrorist Kujtim Fejzulai said the killer smiled as he helped her with her shopping just hours before murdering four people in Austria.

Gordana Nikolic said Fejzulai helped her with her shopping at around 2pm on Monday, November 2, six hours before he embarked on his murderous rampage.

She told the Mirror Online the terrorist "rushed towards her" to her with the bags and was "smiling, happy and chatting."

The 68-year-old added that Fejzulai appeared to be acting "completely normal," a thought that sickens her as "not long after that he was killing people."

Ms Nikolic told the Mirror: "I came out of the lift in our building and he was coming down the stairs from his flat – and he rushed towards me to help me with the bags.

"I told him I was fine but he insisted on helping, so he walked down the stairs with my shopping and put it at my door for me.

"He was smiling, happy and chatting, he seemed completely normal.

"It makes me feel sick that not long after he was killing people."

The neighbour said Fejzulai was dressed in a sports top and baggy, black trousers, which means the killer returned to his home to specifically change into all-white for his murder spree.

Neighbours claim Fejzulai, who was released from jail in December after being convicted for supporting the Islamic State, lived there most of the year.

His lair, where he likely planned the attack, has one bedroom with basic amenities and is located on the outskirts of Vienna.

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Police blew the door off of the property in the early hours of Wednesday, November 4 and debris now lays around it.

Neighbours claim the smell of explosives is still present in area, and locals are upset to learn "that an assassin" lived so close.

Kevin Dima, 26, who lives in a block opposite, said: “How could I have guessed that the devil lived right outside my door?

“It kills you when you learn that an assassin lived so close to your home. You can't believe it.”

Fejzulai began his attack at 8pm near the central synagogue and injured 22 people before he was shot dead by police nine minutes later.

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