Vile bullies carved swastika into skin of Jewish boy as FBI hunt culprits

A Jewish teenager with autism has had a swastika carved into his skin by school bullies sparking a hunt for the perpetrators.

The non-verbal 17-year-old suffered the horrifying affront at Las Vegas's Clark High School, Nevada, US, on March 9 but authorities are still hunting the culprits.

Federal law enforcement is understood to be aware of the incident, which has been described by many – including the parents of the child – as a hate crime.

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The Federal Bureau of Intelligence (FBI) has said it is “prepared” to enter the investigation alongside Nevada police at a moment’s notice.

Remaining unidentified, the victim is understood to have been wearing a yarmulke at the time of the attack.

The school where the attack is believed to have taken place has no-CCTV in classrooms, changing rooms and toilets, making the search for the perpetrators complex.

The boy, his also-unidentified mother said, has now been pulled from school following the discovery of the symbol.

He is understood to have attended school with a service dog.

Speaking toCOLlive last Tuesday (April 18) she said: “My son is the only student I know of who wears a Kippah at the school.”

Speaking on Saturday (April 22), a spokesperson for the FBI said: “We are aware of the incident and are in regular contact with local authorities.

“If during the local investigation, information comes to light of a potential federal civil rights violation, the FBI is prepared to investigate.”

Speaking toThe Jewish Press, the mother of the boy explained how she discovered the symbol, writing an email to a member of staff shadowing him that day.

She allegedly wrote: “Did he use the bathroom?

“Did he have any meltdowns yesterday? I would think this would have caused him to have a meltdown or get agitated.”

The member of staff is understood to have responded quickly saying he had: “had a good day,” with no “no meltdowns or anything”.

They added he, “was with me the whole day [and] he didn’t use the restroom”.

Clark County School District Police received a report from the mother two days later, to which it responded on Wednesday (April 19): “CCSD Police took a report of injuries discovered by a parent at home in mid-March.

“Police conducted a thorough investigation, including interviews with staff and a review of available camera footage.

“The investigation found no evidence that would indicate the origin of the injuries.”

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