Viral boozer who invented tornado chugging downs birthday drinks and wows fans

A boozer whose 'tornado' drinking went viral has celebrated his birthday with another bonkers chugging challenge that saw him down three glasses of colourful alcohol and a bottle of beer in one go.

Liu Shichao, known as Pangzai, necked boozer before performing his signature trick in a video posted to Twitter.

Pangzai went viral in 2020 after posting a video of his bizarre drinking style which involves swirling beer bottles around to create a 'tornado' and downing the booze in seconds.

To celebrate his birthday on Friday he posted another video that saw him perform another elaborate drinking session to the delight of fans.

First, he holds up what looks to be a joint of deep-fried meat for the camera then sets fire to one of three glasses that have been filled with an unidentified alcohol.

After lighting a cigarette from it, he then pours the booze and a large bottle of beer into a bigger plastic bottle.

Ever the showman, he the downs the lot in one chug.

The self-style 'ordinary peasant from China' then performs his signature move.

He lifts a full glass bottle of beer to his lips, swings the bottle around in circular motions and downs it while the booze forms a 'tornado' inside the bottle.

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He wrote to his 162,000 followers on Twitter: "Today, I celebrate my birthday. I want to give you a complete drinking video.

"I don't know why I violated the YouTube rules. I hope you wish me a happy birthday."

Pangzai was dubbed the 'king of Twitter' in 2020 after he showed off his party trick.

He later shocked fans by chugging a concoction of 50ml of whisky, 50ml of rum, 500ml of red wine, 500ml of beer, and an egg.

Other videos show him cooking meat in extravagant manners and eating copious amounts of food to go with his drinking habit.

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