Vladimir Putin fumed at secret lover claims before reports of FOUR love children

Boris Johnson shakes his head at question about Vladimir Putin

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Russian President Vladimir Putin met with China’s Xi Jinping today amid ongoing tensions over the situation in Ukraine. Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi recently signalled Beijing’s support for the Russian military’s buildup of troops on the border in Eastern Europe. With fears of a Russian invasion still rife, the US has warned China against helping the Kremlin. State Department spokesman Ned Price warned that Washington and its allies “have an array of tools” that can be deployed against “foreign companies, including those in China” if they back the military action.

Putin is well known for his ruthlessness on the international stage.

However, it is also well-known that the Russian President is extremely secretive when it comes to details of his personal life.

He married Lyudmila Shkrebneva in 1983, with whom he has two daughters: Mariya Putina and Yekaterina Putina.

However, an investigation by Proekt Media published in November 2020 that Putin has another daughter, born in 2003, with a woman called Svetlana Krivogikh.

What’s more, rumours emerged in 2008 that he was romantically involved with gymnastic champion Alina Kabaeva.

She was a pro-Kremlin politician at the time, and despite persistent denials from the Russian Government, Ms Kabaeva has been branded the “secret First Lady”.

One Russian newspaper called her the “First Lady, but in the shadows.”

In April 2008, the Moskovsky Korrespondent reported that Putin had divorced Lyudmila and was engaged to marry Olympic gold medalist Ms Kabaeva.

The story was denied and the newspaper was shut down shortly after they ran with the story.

That year, he said: “I have a private life in which I do not permit interference. It must be respected.”

He hit out at “those who with their snotty noses and erotic fantasies prowl into others’ lives”.

Putin and Lyudmila continued to make appearances together as spouses until 2013, when their separation was announced.

In 2014, the Kremlin confirmed that their divorce had been finalised.

Ms Kabaeva, meanwhile, heads a major pro-Kremlin media holding, but vanished from view in October 2018 amid unconfirmed suggestions that she had a young family.

In 2015, Ms Kabaeva reportedly had a daughter, with Putin allegedly the father.

In 2019, Russian media reported unsubstantiated claims that she had given birth to twin sons of which Putin was the father.

She then made her first public appearance in August last year in order to denounce Tokyo judges who deprived Russian star Dina Averina of gold in rhythmic gymnastics.

On TV, Ms Kabaeva said: “Dina Averina’s performance was perfect.

“Unlike her rival from Israel (who) made a gross mistake.

“That mistake should have been worth a point, but they only took 0.7 points.

“Olympic (golds) are not won with such mistakes.

“It took them six minutes to give her points.

“The delay means that the judges were calculating the points and did not want Averina to win over the Israeli gymnast.”


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Ms Kabaeva then insinuated that Western nations had only given the Russian athlete a silver medal due to anti-Moscow bias.

She added: “Many sports are judged by people from NATO countries.

“Some people are decent, and some not quite.

“Our athlete was bluntly and unceremoniously deprived of the gold medal.”

Commenting on Ms Kabaeva’s mysterious disappearance last May, Russian tabloid Express Gazeta said: “She literally vanished.

“After the giving-birth-to-twins reports nothing was heard about Kabaeva, as if she had disappeared.

“Alina is not giving interviews, nor attending social events, nor participating in any TV programmes.

“One can only guess what is happening in her private life.”

Putin’s daughters from his marriage to Lyudmila are both in their thirties, and both have been kept out of the spotlight by the Russian President, according to reports.

Mariya has a career in medical research and is reportedly an expert on dwarfism.

Yekaterina is a former dancer who now leads a major Russian artificial intelligence initiative.

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