Vladimir Putin sent nuclear warning as NATO would destroy Russian army in days

Lukashenko to take Skabeyeva to the nuclear weapons storage

Vladimir Putin has been sent a horrifying warning over using nuclear weapons in the Ukraine war after being told NATO would respond with maximum force and destroy the Russian army in a matter of days.

Russia’s president frequently boasts about Russia’s huge nuclear weapons arsenal and has made several veiled threats about their deployment in the brutal conflict.

Most recently, Vladimir Putin chillingly vowed to deploy Russia’s super-destructive “Satan-2” nuclear-capable missiles to “combat duty”.

But China – one of Russia’s greatest global allies – has publicly expressed its opposition, with President Xi Jinping reportedly personally warning Putin against using nuclear weapons during a state visit to Moscow in March.

Nicholas Drummond, a former British Army officer who is now a defence industry analyst and consultant specializing in land warfare, has warned the consequences for Russia making such a move would be catastrophic.

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He told Daily Express US: “NATO would likely attack the Russian army in Ukraine immediately and literally completely destroy it and remove it through massive air attacks.

“The war would then be over in two weeks like it was in the first Gulf War.

“The sheer weight of firepower dropped on the Iraqis prior to the ground assault rendered them completely ineffective logistically so we could wade straight in and take out the forces on the ground.

“It wouldn’t necessarily remove Putin from power because we would not attack in Russia, but he has probably been told if he uses nuclear weapons during the Ukraine war, the response will be rapid and considerable.”

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Drummond believes China’s seemingly public opposition to Putin using nuclear weapons in the Ukraine war is particularly telling.

He warned Beijing would “completely disown” Putin if he ever made the devastating decision to go nuclear in the brutal conflict.

The expert continued: “It’s important to say if Russia succeeded now and used tactical nuclear weapons, it would have to deal with a Ukrainian insurgency for the next 40 years, and you just can’t win those types of wars anymore.

“Putin has threatened to deploy the Satan 2 nuclear missile. He is a bully, and bullies like to use threats. But he knows if he starts using tactical nuclear weapons, it’s all over for Russia.

“China will completely disown him and if they come onto our side against Putin, then there would be huge ramifications for Russia.

“We would see the collapse of Russia (if Putin deploys tactical nuclear weapons).”

The expert concluded: “We need to engage with China – we can see them as a potential adversary but we are not in conflict with China. Anything we can do to ramp down the tension is a good thing.

“Gaining China’s support and being united with China will not only deescalate tensions with them but also help the situation in Ukraine.

“China does see an opportunity to build bridges with the West (through its opposition to the use of nuclear weapons) but also it gives it a voice – equal to the US on the international stage to say this.

“But most importantly, a nuclear war is in nobody’s interest. If this goes nuclear, all bets are off for everyone.”

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