We’ll know his Russian handlers’ Germany ‘weaknesses that enabled Putin’s spying exposed

Expert exposes ‘weaknesses in German system’ allowed Putin’s spy network in

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Russian espionage expert Mark Galeotti has detailed the “weak points” which could have allowed members of the Kremlin’s intelligence services to recruit an employee of the British Embassy in Berlin.  Following a giant operation by UK and German security officials, the British national know only as David S was arrested in Potsdam, near Berlin on Wednesday. The 57-year-old suspect is accused of handing over classified Embassy documents to agents of the Russian state.

Mr Galeotti told GB News: “It is a reminder the Americans have this great acronym MICE which is money, ideology, cash, and ego.

“Which are the various reasons why people get recruited, in this case, it looks like money maybe with a little extra bonus of ego as well.”

“The point is if you keep trying to look for weak points in another countries security you will sometimes find people who can be suborned.”

He added: “The key thing in this case and I think we need to focus on the positives here, is actually that cooperation between the UK and Germany was such that very quickly this individual seems to have been unmasked.”


“He was being observed for many months,” continued Mr Galeotti.

“So they will also have a good sense of who is Russian handlers were.

“So I think this again is part of the day-to-day intelligence war that is happening all around us all the time.”

David S is believed to have been passing secrets to Russian intelligence since at least November 2020.

More to follow…

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