Widow slams cops for failing to stop killer who vowed hed murder her husband

A widow has slammed the police after her husband's life was "stolen" by a "killer neighbour" who residents of a community had been complaining about for 12 years.

Can Arslan, 52, stabbed dad-of-three Matthew Boorman 27 times in Walton Cardiff near Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, in October after warning cops that he'd kill, the night before.

He lay in wait for Matthew and attacked the 43-year-old as he walked towards his front door after work.

Arslan also slashed at Matthew's wife Sarah as she desperately tried to pull him off her husband.

Gloucestershire Constabulary has referred itself to the police watchdog over missed chances to stop Arslan.

His rampage came despite repeated warnings to cops, including telling one officer of his murderous intentions the day before the attack.

Speaking after Arslan was convicted of murder today (Tuesday, April 5) at Bristol Crown Court, Matthew's wife Sarah said: "On the 5th October 2021, Matthew’s life was stolen from him by the defendant, and he was cruelly taken from us.

"We will never be the same without him, but as we move forward and learn how to cope without him, we fight in his name to expose not only the malice and cruelty of the man that did this, but also the failings in the system that let this happen."

Sarah hit out at the "multiple authorities" warned of the "threat" Arslan posed to not just Matthew but all neighbours in the housing estate who were "threatened and harmed by him".

She said Matthew's murder has "shocked us all to the core" but revealed it was "not remotely out of the blue".

Sarah added: "The police and other authorities had been told about how dangerous this man was, the threats he made, and the risks he presented.

"The response was toothless and ineffective, even when the defendant himself told the police he was going to murder Matthew. That conversation took place on the 4th October, the night before Matthew died. He was not even warned.

"Matthew was not this man’s only victim on that dreadful evening, but he was the only one with the misfortune to pay the high price of his life."

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Sarah also slammed Arslan for "revelling in the attention" as he sought his "moment in the spotlight".

She said he had not shown "one flicker of remorse or decency" and revealed the family will not even speak his name.

Arslan has been sent to Broadmoor Hospital before sentencing on June 9.

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