Woman accidentally given six doses of Covid vaccine in single jab

A woman mistakenly injected with six doses of the Pfizer COVID vaccine has suffered no ill effects, according to health chiefs.

The 23-year-old went for the jab at the Noa hospital in Tuscany, central Italy, when a bungling nurse filled a syringe with a whole bottle of six doses of the vaccine and injected them into her arm.

The nurse only realised her mistake when she saw another five syringes for other patients which should also have been filled from the bottle.

The unnamed woman, a student, was kept in hospital for 24 hours for observation after the blunder but is said to have suffered no adverse effects.

Hospital spokesman Dr Antonella Vicenti, director of infectious diseases at the hospital, told CBS News: "The patient did not have a fever and did not have any pain except for pain at the inoculation site, nor any other manifestations. She was a bit frightened, so we preferred to keep her in hospital for observations.

The accident has been blamed on the nurse having an attention lapse and an investigation has been launched into the incident.

Reports say the 23-year-old – who had no underlying health conditions – was given fluids and fever and anti-inflammatory meds as a precaution and has now been allowed home, but doctors will continue to keep an eye on her.

Despite fears over Mafia meddling, Italy recently hit its target of administering half a million COVID jabs in one day.

17 million Italians have had at least one jab and seven million have had two. This compares to 35 million people in the UK having had one jab, and almost 18 million people both.

The country's anti-Mafia commission recently raised concerns at the high number of jabs being given in certain parts of the country to people not on the priority list.

Mario Giarrusso, of the anti-mafia commission, told the Politico news website: "People are being vaccinated who are outside of any priority category specified by the government, particularly in some regions where there is high density of mafia, and we suspect that the mafia is managing the vaccinations."

Prime Minister Mario Draghi attacked those taking jabs who were not in priority groups. He said: "With what conscience are there people who jump the waiting list trying to get vaccinated first, knowing that this is how you expose to risk those over 75 or with some vulnerability and therefore, a real risk of dying?"

Italy has had more than four million Covid cases and suffered 123,000 deaths.

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