Woman ‘breaks into apartment, steals puppy and throws it out of moving car’

A woman has been accused of breaking into an apartment, stealing a dog and throwing the poor pup out of a moving car.

Courtney Marie Petrillo allegedly kicked open the door of an apartment in Pennsylvania and vandalised the home, reports CBS local.

The 25-year-old is reported to have destroyed a TV, overturned furniture and left the place damaged before stealing the dog, according to Jeannette Police.

Investigators said she stole the seven-month-old dog and threw it out of a car.

A witness claims he saw the stolen dog falling out of a vehicle.

Carl Martello said he saw a car flash past his apartment and something brown and white falling out of it.

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Speaking to KDKA, he said: "Somebody just threw the dog out. After seeing that dog thrown out of the car — no, there was no way anyone was coming back for the dog."

The poor puppy was unharmed despite the alleged trauma.

Carl and his girlfriend, Evelyn Ross, looked after the dog as they waited for authorities to arrive at the scene.

The dog was eventually returned to its owner, it has been reported.

Petrillo faces charges including burglary, aggravated animal cruelty and trespassing.

In a separate horrific incident, last week a tiny starving dog was hurled from a car and left to die by heartless thugs.

The tiny pooch was thrown from the vehicle and left in "a real state" with matted hair and withering away.

Roo was launched by the callous yobs from the passenger door of a car.

He was found skinny and with dirty fur when she was dumped in a car park in Birmingham.

A passerby scooped the poorly pooch up and rushed her to the RSPCA's Newbrook Farm Centre and Hospital on August 13.

Animal welfare officers are now investigating after a witness said they saw the poor pooch being chucked out the car.

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