Woman can ‘breathe properly’ after blowing orange pip out of nose after 60 years

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A woman is celebrating a "miracle" after blowing an orange pip out of her nose which has blocked her breathing for 58 years.

Betty Mcphail, 68, says she can breathe out of her nose for the first time since she was a child after making a shocking discovery on December 2.

The mum from Dewsbury, West Yorkshire was blowing her nose vigorously earlier this month when an orange pip fell out into the tissue, which she believes impaired her breathing for decades.

Speaking to her twin brother Tony, he reminded Betty of a fight they had as kids which could have lodged the pip up her nose.

Betty told the Daily Star: "I can breathe properly, it's a miracle honestly, it's a miracle I can breathe properly for the first time in years.

"I thought what's this up my nose? So I blew my nose really hard, very, very hard and out came this orange pip."

She went on: "I said to my daughter Louise, no one's going to believe this so I rang my twin brother up and Tony said 'Don't you remember when you were eating an orange during an argument and I smacked the half-eaten orange up your nose?'

"Obviously unbeknown to me I must've sniffed some of it up, that was in 1960 something or other when we were about ten."

Not once did it ever occur to Betty that her breathing difficulties could have been caused by an object stuck up her nose, let alone from a childhood row.

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Immediately after blowing the decades-old pip out of her nose, she felt her airwaves clear, allowing her to inhale and exhale through her nostrils.

Betty has kept hold of the pip which she thinks has caused her so many respiratory issues over the years.

She continued: "I've had breathing problems all my life, I've had to breathe through my mouth.

"I've had sinus problems and a deviated septum which means where your nostrils are separated, mine's gone over to one side and it's something I've had all my life.

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"It must've worked its way up my nose and across my sinuses or whatever, there's no one more amazed by me that this orange pip came out, let me tell you."

She added: "It feels absolutely lovely now because I've been a mouth breather all these years. I was a snorer. I've had sinus problems all my life, it's fantastic."

Betty's daughter helped her believe it was possible for a pip to remain inside her body for so long after doing a quick bit of research online.

She said: "My daughter said she had a Google and this Chinese man had this plastic toy up his nose for 40 odd years so I thought okay, maybe but God knows where it went.

In 2015 Steve Easton from Camberley, Surrey, blew a toy dart out of his nose in a sneezing fit after getting stuck up there some 44 years earlier.

Just like Betty, the then 51-year-old had no idea the object had caused his lifetime of sniffles.

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