Woman casually admits to only joining petrol queues ‘as everyone else is’

A woman has openly admitted she queued up for fuel just because "everyone else is" during a TV interview.

The motorist appeared on Sky News as the reporter went down to a petrol station in Hounslow of North London asking for the reasons behind the "panic buying".

The fuel crisis began last week as Transport Secretary Grant Shapps announced a shortage of lorry drivers will lead to a shortage of fuel supply in the UK.

The chaos saw disruptions among drivers, with one video showing a man pulling a knife on a motorist over a queue row and another showing four men brawling for diesel.

Drivers across the country started heading to petrol stations to buy fuel and some places had run out of supply within days.

During the interview, the journalist asked several drivers their reasons to queue for hours to purchase fuel.

One woman said: "I'm queuing because everybody else is queuing to be honest. I need a bit of petrol.

"If it all runs out, I'm stuck, how are we going to go to work?"

Others said they were in need of fuel after failing to refill in other petrol stations.

A man said: "I'm quite low (in fuel) right now. I don't know what's the situation will be in the upcoming days so it's better to get some now than leave it any longer."

Another woman told Sky News: "I went around last night and three or four petrol stations were closed so I'm stocking up for the week."

Business Secretary Kwasi Kwarteng said on Wednesday morning (September 29) that the drastic shortage of lorry drivers could last for months.

He said: "I’m not guaranteeing anything. All I’m saying is that, I think the situation is stabilising."

Prime Minister Boris Johnson commented on the crisis yesterday (September 28) as he urged people to "go about their business in the normal way and fill up when you need it".

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