Woman disgusted after biting into McDonalds burger and finding mealworm

A young woman was left "disgusted" when she bit into her McDonald's burger and found what she thinks is a stowaway mealworm cooked into the bun.

Lyannah Maruna, 19, from Elyria, Ohio, US, said "my whole stomach wasflipping" after chomping into the cheeseburger and making the grim discovery.

The young mother-of-one is now urging people to check their food before eating it and has said she won't be back to any McDonald's branch.

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She told the Daily Star she had to "hold back from throwing up".

"At first I was confused because I thought it was mould, but after looking closer I noticed it wasn’t mould but a maggot worm or mealworm and I felt so unbelievably disgusted I was holding back throwing up so much!" Lyannah explained.

She said her only saving grace was not biting the bit of the burger that had the stowaway in it.

Lyannah, who has just given birth to her first child, added: "I’ve had some nasty encounters with McDonald’s and I even worked there before and even their equipment is never clean, and gross.

"But this worm being in my sandwich pushed me over the edge! I can not imagine getting anyone McDonald’s, or me eating it myself ever again."

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She did say the staff member she alerted the problem to was understanding and professional, however, all she was offered was a replacement burger and two coupons for free items.

She said: "I think that was a little ridiculous because first off I lost my appetite, I didn’t want another burger, and secondly I don’t want a free item as I’m grossed out enough – I wanted a refund."

Lyannah posted about her ordeal on Facebook and the post has been shared almost 900 times, with hundreds of comments flooding in to criticise the mega chain restaurant.

McDonald's has been contacted for comment.

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