Woman horrified after £600 purebred French bulldog grows into different breed

A woman who spent £600 for a "purebred French bulldog" was shocked when she discovered the puppy wasn't quite what she thought.

Bethany Cupples, from Huddersfield, West Yorks, admitted she was "very surprised" and thought she had found herself a bargain when she came across the pet advertisement on Gumtree.

She paid the breeder and picked up the five-week-old black Frenchie as a a present for her mum in May 2020.

The family quickly fell in love with the adorable pooch and named her "Luna", but soon the 21-year-old realised the pup wasn't totally as she seemed.

In a TikTok video, she wrote: "We bought a puppy for £600, a 'pure bred Frenchie' from Gumtree and this is what she turned into…"

Luna has a tiled snout and longer hair than the average Frenchie.

Beth and her family took Luna to the vet and they were told that the pooch is actually a "Frorkie" – a mix-breed of French bulldog and Yorkshire Terrier.

Despite the mix-up, Bethany believed the seller had made an "honest mistake" because she saw the animals were all extremely well taken care of.

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And more importantly, Luna remains fit and healthy. Bethany told LadBible: "We did look for a Frenchie, but as soon as we laid eyes on her we instantly fell in love.

"No matter the breed or the price, we welcomed her into our family home with open arms.

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"She made our family whole and we wouldn't change her for the world, she has the most amazing personality and is a funny individual. We love her to bits."

Bethany has received dozens of comments since posting the video and many were happy that Luna is still loved.

"You got a great deal. She is a beau," one said and a second commented: "Your dog seems happy and well looked after and she's well cute."

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