Woman left bedridden for six years after tick bite just wants to ‘go outside’

A woman who's been stuck in bed for six years is desperate not to miss another summer.

A single insect bite turned Emma Dolan-Horlock's life upside down after contracting Lyme Disease which led to a series of health complications.

Emma, 46, was bitten by a tick while on holiday in America ten years ago from which she contracted a virus – worsened by severe immune suppression, which devastated her Autonomic Nervous System (ANS).

As a result she was left with a life-threatening condition called Addisons disease, making her bed-bound for the past six years as she can barely sit up or stand, writes the Liverpool Echo.

The former business owner from Liverpool said: "I just don't want to miss another summer, another year. I'm in my sixth year now of being stuck in bed.

"In 2014 I developed a really bad respiratory virus and it was kind of like a flu virus, I was in bed for two weeks and it was really bad.

"And then I just didn't recover really. I started getting worse instead of better. I couldn't sit up or stand up without passing out, my blood pressure was very low all the time."

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Eventually, medical professionals were able to determine this virus could be stemmed back to Emma developing Lyme Disease.

She said: "What we know now is that Lyme Disease can be incredibly devastating on your immune system.

"But none of this was known for years, I was just left in bed for years. I couldn't move, couldn't do anything really. I was just skin and bones."

She said she has been waiting for inpatient rehab and physio for almost three years now, and her admission to the specialist unit should have been last summer.

But due to the pandemic, Emma has been told this is more likely to be in 16 to 18 months.

She said: "The only time I'm able to leave my bed is when I'm coming into hospital.

"Getting out and going on that stretcher would change my life."

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Emma's specialist has suggested a private option for her, which could have the best chance of recovery.

Emma is raising funds on a Just Giving page to go towards getting a stretcher and facilitating treatment – a cause championed by celebrities Gary Lineker and Ricky Gervais.

As well as the fundraiser, Emma said she is passionate about raising awareness for other people.

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