Woman mauled by Rottweilers is fighting to save life as condition deteriorates

A woman mauled by her two Rottweilers is fighting for her life as her condition deteriorates due to the bacterial infections left by the dogs.

Nikita Pill's pets, Bronx and Harlem, attacked her at her home in Perth, Australia on September 16, and the mauling has left her in a near-fatal spot. Her condition is said to be worsening as she hopes to continue the fight against grim and "serious complications".

The 31-year-old had been rushed to hospital after the pair of Rottweilers attacked her, with "canine bacterial infections" leftover from the grim fight causing trouble. Nikita could lose her arm, an update to her GoFundMe page said.

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Updates from her family confirmed Nikita was clinging to life after nearly losing the battle several times already. Bites from the dogs had been "manifesting and creating ongoing serious complications".

An update from her family read: "It has been a tough 12 days since the event that has changed Nikita’s life forever. She has since endured five emergency surgeries (13 hour duration), with countless more on the horizon as she continues to fight to keep her arm and life, news.com.au reported.

"We nearly lost our precious girl a couple of times, but as you all know, Nikita is our little fighter." They have since said if Nikita survives her ordeal, rehabilitation would be "painful, long and costly".

So far, £7,900 ($15,000AUD) has been raised for Nikita, who is still recovering in hospital after an unprompted dog attack. Her pets turned on her for an unconfirmed reason, with investigations still underway.

Despite her neighbours' best efforts in intervening in the attack, the dogs continually mauled Nikita until police intervened. Screeches were heard coming from the street, with screams alerting those nearby.

Neighbour Bryan Spencer said: "I was contemplating jumping the fence and getting in there to rescue her but obviously there were two Rottweilers in there … I would have been ripped apart.

"All I could really do was watch this girl get mauled apart while I was smacking the fence with a bat … while (another neighbour) was hosing the dog." The dogs were shot by police, with one seriously injured. Both were later seized and the injured dog euthanised.

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