Women who go to yoga classes are the nation’s biggest love rats

Flexible females who go to yoga classes are the nation’s biggest love rats.

Researchers discovered 52% of women who have cheated on their partner regularly do yoga.

And of those, 78% said it boosts their sex lives – just like pop star Sting, who once claimed yoga helps him and wife Trudie Styler make love for seven hours.

Experts believe yoga positions like downward-facing dog and the tree pose can help to improve love-making.

After yoga, runners are the second most likely to cheat on their partner, with 20% of female joggers saying they have done so.

Tennis players came third on 14%.

Women who work out came fourth, with 7% admitting they have had a fling after a gym session.

But only 3% of swimmers said they have been unfaithful and just 2% of cyclists.

And 2% of women who play other sports including football, volleyball, golf and badminton said they had cheated on a partner.

The dating site for married people, illicitencounters.com, asked 2,000 female members which sports they did.

Spokeswoman Jessica Leoni said: “Women are

taking up yoga to continue to boost self-esteem and build confidence for an affair.

“I’m not shocked swimming and cycling are bottom of the list – these sports are lonely and not sexy. But yoga and sex go hand in hand.”

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