‘Wonky dog’ who survived being intentionally run over needs home for Christmas

A three-legged dog that survived being intentionally run over and left for dead in a ditch is looking for a new home before Christmas.

Stella, a four-year-old crossbreed, was abandoned in Romania by an English family who had cared for her before they moved back to the UK.

The dog was forced to fight for survival on the streets and became fearful of everyone everything, even her rescuers.

Attempts to trap Stella before she got hurt were unsuccessful until one day, a local found the pup lying in a ditch having been deliberately hit by a car.

Stella was in a very bad way, and to the rescuers' surprise, had full teats, a sign she had just birthed puppies.

According to Futures for Dogs, a Sandwich, Kent-based rescue charity, which is working with one of its former volunteers in Romania, Stella also required immediate surgery as the person who hit her "took out her front leg and shoulder".

Volunteer Lee Elms said: "The person who hit her took her out so hard that her front leg and shoulder were not responding.

"Thankfully for this lucky lady, volunteers chose to give her a chance and surgery went ahead to remove them.

"After surgery she was nervous but she had nowhere to run. She had to start accepting those caring for her and slowly started to respond."

Stella immediately started to "gain more confidence day by day" and "now goes for walks and joins in with other dogs" as if her traumatic past never happened.

Mr Elms said the charity is desperately searching for a home for Stella as "no one wants to offer a wonky dog a home in Romania".

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He added: "We don’t want to take the risk of her being turned out again.

"So now comes the hard task of finding her a forever home and we are hoping we can help by finding her one in the UK."

Mr Elms said Stella is looking for an experienced home, with a secure garden, that will give her the time she needs to "continue to develop her confidence and trust".

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He said: "Her new family will have to work with her as if she were a new pup and be prepared to give her the time she needs to adapt.

"She won’t be a ready-made dog and settle in immediately and there may be some accidents and scary moments for her but with love and patience, we know she will come round.

"Her new home really needs to be 100% committed."

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