Worlds strictest lockdown sees cops raid homes and force people to quarantine

Chinese police have reportedly raided homes and forced people onto buses to quarantine in a bid to curb a Covid outbreak in the city of Xi'an.

The city, which is located in the centre of the country, is home to 13 million people and has been at the epicentre of a fresh surge in cases in recent days.

Officially China has only logged 5,699 Covid deaths since the pandemic began but citizens have lived under the most extreme lockdowns in the world.

The Mirror previously reported that residents were only allowed out of their homes for medical emergencies or mass Covid testing rounds.

As a result, many Xi’an residents took to social media to claim that they are “starving” due to the lack of food.

Now it seems conditions have deteriorated further with troubling accusations of forced evacuations.

The BBC reports that up to a thousand people were moved from the city by bus in the dead of the night.

It has been suggested that stricken residents were left on the buses for hours on end, with many elderly, pregnant and vulnerable people among them.

Others complained that the quarantine facilities they were moved to weren't heated and that food wasn't provided.

Meanwhile back in the city, conditions have worsened.

Multiple videos have emerged of citizens arguing with police and scrapping for basic supplies.

In one video, a man can be seen remonstrating with authorities.

The post reads: "Hungry citizens in Xi'an City protested because they wanted 2 go get food & supplies.

"Xi'an has been on a hardcore lockdown for 2 wks. 1 man got angry & asked police who they work for? They responded they work for the Communist party."

With supplies at a minimum, desperate residents have also begun to barter provisions amongst themselves.

Some have even resorted to swapping costly electronic devices for food.

Amidst the disorder, large public areas of Xi’an have also been routinely disinfected.

China’s “zero policy” for Covid with strict lockdowns and mass testing is thought to have been brought in with the Winter Olympics due to be held in Beijing.

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