WW3 fears as Russian and Chinese military attack enemy submarine together

Russia and China have been carrying out joint naval drills that included practicing how to capture an enemy submarine and how to fire artillery at a warship.

The exercises were conducted in the East China Sea during a seven-day period up to Tuesday (December 27), giving rise to further World War Three fears.

Confirming the drills, Russia's defence ministry said: "Detachments of warships of the Pacific Fleet and the Naval Forces of the People's Liberation Army of China have completed practical tasks within the framework of the bilateral naval exercise.

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"The ships of the two countries, with the support of anti-submarine aviation, jointly searched for a submarine of a conditional enemy and fired a volley of jet depth charges."

Video footage of Russian sailors firing missiles and speaking in Mandarin to their Chinese companions was also shared by the ministry.

According to the TASS news agency, meanwhile, Chinese leader Xi Jinping and Russian President Vladimir Putin are set to hold talks with one another before the end of this year.

Earlier, this week the Taiwan Defence Ministry claimed that China sent 71 planes and seven ships to Taiwan in a 24-hour show of force.

The People's Liberation Army subsequently confirmed that they had conducted a "strike drill" on Sunday in response to alleged "provocations" and "collusion" between the US and the self-ruled islands.

People in Taiwan are living under the constant threat of invasion by China, which claims the democratic island as part of its territory.

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But US President Joe Biden insisted in September that his forces would defend Taiwan if "there was an unprecedented attack".

Xi, though, has insisted that the "reunification" of Taiwan is not the responsibility of future generations.

Tensions also intensified when the US provided Taiwan with $10billion (£8.3billion) in military aid with Beijing expressing "strong opposition" against the gesture.

Former US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's trip to Taiwan in August then saw the PLA carry out major military drills around the island in protest.

China also threatened to shoot Pelosi's plane down, sparking a tense trip to Asia for the San Francisco representative.


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