WW3 warning: India braces for two-front war with China as Pakistan moves troops to border

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India had previously expressed concerns Pakistan would join the tensions in support to China, a forecast that appeared to be confirmed after Islamabad moved 20,000 soldiers to the line of control (LoC). The move matches a similar deployment authorised by Beijing along the line of actual control (LaC) in the Ladakh region earlier in June. India Today reporter Gaurav Sawant said: “It’s a fact that Pakistan’s deployment along the line of control is more than what it was even after the Bellacourt airstrikes.

“This is an indicator that Pakistan is doing this on China’s orders, an order Pakistan can ill-afford to ignore.

“The fact remains, at this point in time, India is facing hostilities on two borders, Pakistan on the north and the west, China north and east.

“A threat that’s big on two fronts.”

Mr Sawant said: “What India faces is more than a two-front war, with two nuclear neighbours in a hostile axis and with both looking to pour fuel on terror activity.”

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It comes as national newspaper report meetings between China officials and members of Al Badr, a militant group with links to violence in the Kashmir region.

Speaking to the Economic Times, a source said: “The assessment is that China may provide support to revive the organisation.

“This is among the signs we have received that indicate Pakistan and China are collaborating on the ground.”

The deployment of Pakistani troops on the LoC adds to the ongoing tensions India has experience with China over their disputed border in the Ladakh region.

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India has had continued skirmishes with both China and Pakistan since gaining independence from the UK in 1947 but never at the same time.

“Ian Hall, professor of international relations at Griffith University, said: “New Delhi is clearly under great pressure, whether from Covid-19, along the Line of Control in Kashmir, or from China.

“We have seen relations with both Islamabad and Beijing worsen over the past few years, and the result is that both have decided to escalate things during the pandemic, when the Modi government is stretched and distracted.”


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India’s Chief of Army Staff General Manoj Mukund Naravane had warned in May a two-pronged attack was possible but insisted diplomacy would also be used to avoid total war.

General Naravane said: “As far as two-front war is concerned it is a possibility.

“A country does not go to war with its armed forces alone.

“It has other pillars like diplomatic corp and other organs of government which will come into play to make sure that we are not forced into a corner where we will have to deal with two adversaries at the same time and in full strength.”

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