Yakuza boss put hit out on surgeons nurse after botched operation on manhood

A top Yakuza boss ordered a hit on a plastic surgeon's nurse after an operation to boost his manhood size spectacularly flopped.

Satoru Nomura, 75, allegedly sought revenge after the botched penis enlargement and hair removal procedure, a court heard in 2017.

In January 2013, the nurse was stabbed in the head on a street in Hakata Ward, Fukuoka City.

The crime kingpin who headed up the Kudo-kai syndicate, known as the most violent in Japan, was sentenced to death by hanging in August 2020.

He said to have told assassins to carry out "organised retaliation" because he "unjustifiably resented the failed surgery", it is claimed.

“The motive for the incident was a personal grudge on the part of Nomura,” the prosecution said.

The female nurse – a member of the surgical team during the op – was stabbed by alleged hit man Yoshinobu Nakata.

Nakata denied conspiring to attack the nurse in the city of Fukuoka.

Nomura is also said to have undergone a hair removal treatment at the same clinic, the Tokyo Reporter claims.

In the past, if someone was a top yakuza boss and their henchmen killed someone, they "could make a large payment, quietly apologize and get away with it," according to Asia Times – but Nomura's case marked a shifting tide in Japan's treatment of the unruly mob.

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It's a decision that didn't go down well with Nomura. When Fukuoka District Court sentenced Nomura to death he made a chilling threat, telling the judge they would "regret" their decision.

"I asked for a fair decision… You will regret this for the rest of your life," he is reported to have told Presiding Judge Ben Adachi, who was afforded police protection afterwards.

The case related to one murder charge, three counts of attempted murder and a slew of other charges, but it was the treatment of the nurse applying aftercare following his surgery that stood out.

Asia Times reported that she angered him when she dismissed his complaints about pain by saying, “This can’t possibly hurt as much as getting one of those yakuza tattoos."

Prosecutors don't have a shred of evidence Nomura orchestrated the mob violence, so his punitive sentence by such an archaic method shocked much of Japan.

Japan still allows death by hanging in the cases of multiple murders, rape and murder, or murder and robbery.

He is the first mob boss ever to be given the death penalty.

Nomura's violent gang is the most infamous branch of the Yakuza, Japan's long-running mafia groups dating back to the ancient samurai.

It is estimated more than 25,000 Japanese are members of such groups.

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