Young woman filmed legging it down street naked in sub-zero conditions

An unnamed woman was filmed sprinting naked down a street in one of Russia’s busiest cities as roads were covered in inches of snow.

The woman was filmed on February 2 sprinting to what is believed to be her home in the city of Yekaterinburg, ringing the intercom but receiving no answer.

While the video was filmed on Tsiolkovsky Street on the southern side of the city, is not known where the naked woman was running from.

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An eyewitness said that the woman, who was estimated to be 18-years-old, was given a jacket by a stranger before finally being able to make it inside the entrance of her building.

It remains unclear why the unnamed woman was forced to run naked through the streets.

Social media users have chimed in and shared their thoughts on the video.

Many were disappointed by the people of the area for not helping the woman out.

One commenter said: “Only one man helped. Shame.”

The city that the video was filmed in, Yekaterinburg, is the fourth largest city in Russia, with 2.2 million people living in the whole metropolitan area.

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While the unnamed woman did not appear to be thrilled about her situation, others have been more than happy to go out in public in the buff.

Last year, The Daily Starreportedon the growing number of people going about their days completely naked, with several naked people in London spotted going to busy restaurants and shops

One man even went to a Greggs in Crouch End for a sausage roll in the nude.

Public nudity is not strictly prohibited in the UK, though those that choose to do as Lady Godiva did can find themselves with charges of outraging public decency or public nuisance if they aren't careful.

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