Youre ruining Putins plans! Ukraine thanks Britain for wrecking Kremlin invasion plots

Ukraine: Deputy Defence Minister addresses possible invasion

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Ukraine’s deputy defence minister has heaped praise on Britain for helping to wreck Vladimir Putin’s invasion plans. This comes as British intelligence officials have foiled and exposed several Russian plots to justify invasion into Ukraine. Downing Street yesterday backed up the US’ claims that the Kremlin planned to fabricate a “false flag” attack by Ukrainian forces that Russia could use to justify an invasion. 

Speaking to Sky News, the Ukrainian minister Hanna Maliar said revelations from Britain and the US about the threat of an Russian invasion of Ukraine are “ruining” Moscow’s plans.

She said the act of calling out suspected Russian plots was “messing with the Kremlin”.

Ms Maliar explained: “It’s important to understand that when we or our western partners name the date of the possible invasion, we are ruining the plans of the Russian Federation.

“And the dates that were already told in public – it’s ruined plans, nothing will happen in these days. But the danger still exists.”

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On Friday, a Downing Street spokesman said it has “high confidence” Russia was planning to fabricate a reason for launching a military attack on Ukraine.

They defended claims from the Pentagon that Russia would release a propaganda video showing staged explosions, as well as corpses and actors playing grieving mourners.

The No 10 official said: “We have high confidence Russia is planning to engineer a pretext blaming Ukraine for an attack in order to justify a Russian incursion into Ukraine.

“The details in the specific reports today are credible and extremely concerning. We’ve conducted our own analysis on this intelligence and share the US’s conclusion.

“We’re considering options for further military deployments to support Nato’s eastern flank, we’re not at the stage of setting out details yet but we will come forward with those in due course.”

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For its part, Russia’s foreign minister Sergey Lavrov called the fake attack claim “nonsense”.

It is not the first time the UK and US have jointly called out false flag attacks or invasion plans.

Last month the UK made public declassified intelligence to expose the Russian government for plotting to install a puppet regime in Kiev.

Mr Johnson defended the claims from British intelligence saying: “Somebody said were we exaggerating the threat, that we’re — the US and the UK — in any way trying to big this up.

“I’ve just got to say, that is not the intelligence that we’re seeing. This is a clear and present danger.

“We see large numbers of troops massing, we see preparations for all kinds of operations that are consistent with an imminent military campaign.”


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The UK has not only backed up Ukraine with intelligence.

Last month, the UK also launched talks with Poland and Ukraine to strengthen military cooperation against Russian aggression.

Last month, the mayor of Kiev Vitali Klitschko thanked Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Britain for sending weapons to Ukraine.

He told Sky News: “It is very important to us, especially at this moment. We are appreciative of our friends, for Great Britain, Boris Johnson, and also the United States.”

Tensions have also flared directly between the UK and Russia after Russian combat planes came close to UK airspace twice in two days this week.

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