Zombie cannibal drug is flooding Spanish resort popular with British tourists

British holidaymakers have been warned after a Spanish drug dealer was busted for selling a 'Zombie Cannibal' drug in a popular tourist resort.

The substance in question, referred to as 'Flakka', is considered both deadly and highly addictive, with a likelihood of causing those taking the drug to conduct themselves in an aggressive and erratic manner.

In the most severe cases, the drug, likely imported from China, prompts users to take on a zombie-like mindset, resulting in psychotic episodes, and alarmingly cannibalistic attacks.

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Initially created in Florida, US, the illegal drug, which has been described as looking like 'household bath salts', enters the bloodstream by the individual taking it via their nostrils, injection or vape.

The drug, which costs an astonishingly low price of £2.30 per hit, has caused at least three users in Spain to pass away, via strokes and heart attacks.

The price is especially dangerous as it allowers individuals to purchase large quantities of the substance, which heats up the body to an incredible 41 degrees while simultaneously giving them borderline inhuman strength.

With the epidemic worsening, police officers in Costa Blanca, Alicante, made two arrests after seizing a 100g packet, Olive Press reports.

Since the spike in popularity of Flakka, police officers and medical experts have witnessed a plethora of terrifying moments.

In 2022, a drug user was taken to a health centre in Cehegin, Murcia, where he started to eat himself.

Desperate medics attempted to stop him from taking chunks from his own body, but they were unable to do so. It took the police restraining him to prevent him from doing any further damage.

In 2019, the public were rendered disgusted after a high prisoner bit the head off a mouse, while in 2012, a naked Rudy Eugene attacked a homeless man in Miami, chomping into his eyeballs.

Sadly, after a harrowing 18-minute encounter, the victim, Ronald Poppo, was left blind in both eyes.

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