Final Solution claim on Question Time stuns Fiona Bruce and Jewish campaigner

Audience member stuns Fiona Bruce with Final Solution claim

The BBC’s coverage of the Israel-Gaza crisis has caused more controversy after a member of the audience on Question Time last night said something which even shocked Fiona Bruce.

With the Corporation also receiving strong criticism from around the world for its refusal to call Hamas terrorists following the group’s slaughter of 1,400 Israeli civilians on October 7, the Question Time show last night has caused even more upset.

After one panelist Marie van der Zyl, a member of the Board of Jewish Deputies, was laughed at by the audience for supporting Israel’s actions to defend itself, an audience member went on to say something truly shocking.

With the audience packed with far-left activists who support Palestine and are anti-Israel the audience member likened Israel to the Nazis.

His comments were immediately branded “outrageous”.

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The audience member said: “The other I would like to say with all that talk is that we are going to clear Hamas out of the country and clear them all together. Isn’t this a little bit like the Final Solution?”

A visibly stunned, Fiona Bruce hosting the show, responded: “Well that’s quite a thing to say.”

The audience member appeared to be openly supporting the proscribed terrorist group which just a few weeks ago slaughtered 1,400 Israeli civilians including burning children to death.

But his remarks likened Israel’s actions in defending itself against Hamas to the Nazi Holocaust which was responsible for the murder of six million Jews in the 1940s.

It has become the latest example of a BBC platform being used by anti-Israel campaigners to make shocking pro-Hamas remarks.

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Karen Pollock, chief executive of the Holocaust Education Trust, could not believe what she had just watched.

She posted a clip of the show on X (formerly Twitter), adding: “Did the audience member @bbcquestiontime actually compare efforts to defeat Hamas terrorists to The Final Solution??

“I’m in shock. I had to rewatch this to be sure I hadn’t misheard. I hadn’t.

“This is an outrageous, ignorant and deeply offensive comment to make.”

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